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We specialise in catching, processing and value adding of Tasmanian Octopus “Pallidus”.

T.O.P. Fish octopus are caught in the roaring forties waters of Bass Strait. They are captured using a specially designed pot for these conditions and species. Nets are not used in the catching of this resource. They actually make the octopus pot their home until they are removed to allow another occupant to take up residency.

A total of 20,000 pots are set throughtout Bass Strait on 150 km of line. Two vessels the “Seafarer” and the “Farquharson”, operated by Bradley and Craig Hardy, pull the octopus lines when favourable weather permits.

When caught, the octopus are gutted on board the catching vessel and are iced down immediately. This ensures the product is at its optimum level of freshness and guarantees a top quality product.

Value Added Products

Tasmanian Fresh


T.O.P. Fish produces seafood of the highest standard!We now have five fishing vessels of our own to supply octopus and our live seafood.

In addition to our octopus, T.O.P Fish also produces a number of live Seafood products that we sell to customers in Australia and overseas.

These include: Rock Lobster, Giant Crab, Abalone & Farmed Abalone, Wrasse (Parrot Fish), Scallops & Octopus

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