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T.O.P fish P/L (Tasmanian Octopus Products) has been developed from an Octopus Fishery that was first developed by Michael & Jan Hardy in the late 1970’s from the fertile waters of Bass Stait.

Over the last 30 years our business has grown around this great resource and with a strong family involvement from the fishing operations right through to the processing and marketing of our products, T.O.P. Fish produces seafood of the highest standard!We now have five fishing vessels of our own to supply octopus and our live seafood. Between this and our processing facility we employ around twenty people.

In addition to our octopus, T.O.P Fish also produces a number of live Seafood products that we sell to customers in Australia and overseas.

These include:

  • Rock Lobster
  • Green lip & Black lip Abalone
  • Wrasse (Parrot Fish)
  • Scallops
  • Octopus
  Live Abalone

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